So much to do and so little time. 

Dear Family:


We want to thank you for the enormous outpouring of love and condolences we’ve received since Penny passed into the Kingdom on January 21, 2014.  It has been breathtaking to read all (I haven’t finished yet) the love letters, emails, facebook comments, all the Mass Cards and Memorials you sent.  Thank you is not enough.  Better than that is my darling’s favorite ending to our programs, “WE LOVE YOU!!!

Her Funeral or Celebration of Life was a fitting tribute to her.  We had pictures of her all over the Church from the time she was a little girl.  I made a DVD on her life which you can see if you go to our website.  There were 11 priests from all over the country there to pay tribute to my Penny.  If it were anyone else’s funeral, I would have declared that it was a grand send-off to cap off a beautiful life.  But it was my Penny, leaving me for the first time in 55 years, and so I was and am rightfully sad.





We’ve been receiving phone calls and emails from people who have asked Penny for help.


One woman whose granddaughter was in labor began praying for Penny’s help when the expectant mother was having trouble delivering the baby.  The situation was becoming life-threatening.  The grandmother, who knows us, prayed for Penny’s help.  Within a short period of time, the situation turned around and the baby was delivered.

 Penny’s grandson was in a breach position during childbirth, and there was a possibility that both mother and child would die if she did not abort the baby. Being a strong Catholic girl, she refused.

 Our daughter swears to this day that Penny came into the room and helped her through the ordeal.  All the time, Penny was in the waiting room with us, because in those days, only the father could be in the labor room. The child was born and both he and mother are healthy to this day.


A young man who had visited the Mission looked a lot like our son Richard.  Penny took a liking to him and gave him a Crucifix like our pilgrims wear during pilgrimage.  The young man put it on the mirror of his truck and kept it there always.  Yesterday, in Oklahoma, he was driving along an icy road and went off the road into a ditch, but not before rolling over three or four times.  The first thing he did once the truck stopped rolling was to grab the Crucifix Penny had given him and take it with him.  The police who came to the scene said he was a lucky ___.

He believes it was Penny looking out for him.


A couple from a southern state told us their car was stuck in a snow storm about two weeks ago, and they prayed to both Penny and St. Anthony.  (St. Anthony was Penny’s favorite Saint)   The car picked up traction and they were able to go home.


Another situation having to do with the snow.  A dear friend was driving an SUV, again in a southern state during the treacherous snowstorm they had about two weeks ago, and her car went into a ditch.  Try as she might, she could not get out of the ditch.  She called out to Penny for help.  Almost immediately she got out of her predicament.




But now it seems like other people are realizing that she’s a Saint.  These people who asked for help didn’t so much pray to her as to call out to her for help as if she were there with them.  She has always been anxious to help people.  She and my son were known to bring street people into the house for dinner.  When my daughter and I would complain, they would say that these are God’s children and they need help as much as anyone else.




You know how you felt when you would meet her?  She would look at you with such love.  Everyone thought she was their best friend.  And she was and is.  You know how you felt when you watched one of our programs and she would talk to you in the program and you knew it was just you she was talking to?  She still is.

And you remember most of all at the end of any of our programs or talks, how she would look at you and say “We love you!”  She did and she does.


Reach out to her in time of need.  Ask her for help.  Or if you just need a shoulder to lean on, to weep a little, and let your feelings loose, she’s there for you.  She always has been, and always will be.  Only now she’s a little more mobile.  She’s not limited by time and space.  The Lord has given her a lot of freedom to be wherever she’s needed whenever she’s needed.


One time we asked Mother Angelica, when we were writing about her life in our book, Saints and Other Powerful Women in the Church, “Mother do we get to rest when we get to Heaven?”  At first she said yes, and then she thought for a moment.  “No, I don’t think so.  I believe the Lord will have plenty of work for us to do.”

Penny’s favorite phrase was, “So much to do and so little time.”  I believe the Lord is making up for that now.


And if she answers you, if she helps you, if she just puts her hand on your shoulder, or lets you lean on her shoulder, send us an email or facebook comment.  We want to hear from you.


And in the words of my Saintly Wife, “We Love You!”



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