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Saint John Eudes Life Story - Special Announcement:
Showing on EWTN Global Catholic Television
Monday Jan 21 2:30 pm Eastern and Wed Jan 23 9:00 pm Eastern

Saint John Eudes
Founder of the Congregation of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

This DVD was taped in France

Founder of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary - Founder of Eudists

Come with Bob and Penny as they follow the fascinating life of St. John Eudes. 

We begin at Les Tourvaillers in southern Normandy, France, where the parents of our Saint went in petition to Our Lady of Recovery. 

We go to his home town Ri, and the Church where he was baptized, received First Holy Communion and spent his youth. 

Continue on to Paris, the Mother House of the Eudists, and Fr. Laurent Tournier, who explained Paris at the time of St. John. 

We go to Oratoire des Louvres, where he was ordained and celebrated his first Mass,  under the church of St. Sulpice,  where the Church was at the time of St. John,

Aubervillers, where he spent two years,

Douvres-la-deliverande near Caen, where he started the Congregation of Jesus and Mary,

 and the Mission he began in the city of Caen, where he died.

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       Super Saints Trilogy Book I
             Journey to Sainthood
Saints who lived for Christ


Bl. Junipero Serra His last ounce of blood shed for the Church, he loved and brought to the Native Americans, he died as he lived, praying for those he was leaving behind.
St. Frances (Mother) Cabrini Pope Leo XIII told her. "Your mission will be in America to help the Italians and make your country loved." Mother Cabrini said, "Yes!"
St. Paschal Baylon Proclaimed by Pope Leo XIII Patron of Eucharistic Congresses, he was never ordained a Priest.
St. Leopold Mandic
Although he would be considered imperfect today (barely 4' 6") this Saint of Reconciliation brought about consolation and hope to thousands.
St. Dominic Watchdog of God - He fought the Albigensianist heresy - Our Lady gave him the Rosary with the mandate to spread it to all her children.
St. Angela Merici I want to become a Saint, because I love Jesus. She had visions of Heaven, of Jesus, as well as the devil. She battled the Protestant Revolt with education.
St. Elizabeth Ann Seton A faithful daughter - a loving wife and mother - an obedient Nun - a lover of the Eucharist and Mother Mary - a role model for today
Bl. Frederic
Thanks to him, Our Lady of the Cap Shrine became the meeting ground for every kind of physical and moral distress. The sick found healing; sinners were filled with remorse.Code BJS               224 pages           Many Photos
ISBN 1-58002-132-8            $13.95


Journey to Sainthood dvds

Blessed Junipero Serra
Blessed Frederic
Saint Angela Merici
Saint Leopold Mandic
Saint Frances Cabrini
Saint Paschal Baylon

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St Frances Cabrini DVD for $27.95
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V155 - Saint Frances Cabrini
Saint of the Immigrants
First Canonized American Saint

"We were sent here by the Holy Father... we cannot go back!"

This video has been two years in the making

Scenes follow her life from Sant’ Angelo Lodigiano in northern Italy to her first community in Codogno,
to the first motherhouse in Rome;
then go to the United States where she labored among the Italian immigrants of the 19th Century.

We visit her Shrines in: Manhattan, NY;
Fort Tryon Park, NY;
Westpark, NY;
Cabrini College, Radnor, PA;
Cabrini Shrine, New Orleans, LA

One hour special
ISBN 1-58002-075-5    $19.95

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Journey to Sainthood Book plus
St Angela Merici DVD for $27.95
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V150 - Saint Angela Merici
Foundress of Ursulines
Incorrupt Body - Visionary
Peacemaker - Consoler

"I want to become a Saint, because I love Jesus!"

Scenes from Northern Italy, trace the life of this Saint from:
Desenzano which has a shrine dedicated to her
Brescia, where she founded a school and which has her incorrupt body
and Rome.

She had
visions of Angels ascending and descending from Heaven.
She fought Lutheranism by teaching the young about the Faith.

ISBN 1-58002-069-0 $19.95

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Special Offer
Journey to Sainthood Book plus
St Leopold Mandic DVD for $27.95
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V151 - Saint Leopold Mandic
Saint of Reconciliation
Apostle of the Confessional

Scenes from  where he began in Herzegovina, to Venice and the Cathedral where he was ordained, to Padua.  

Visit his confessional, where he spent most of his life.  
It survived a bombing during World War II.

His dream was the unification of the Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches

Visit the museum, his tomb and more.

ISBN 1-58002-071-2 $19.95

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Journey to Sainthood Book plus
Bl Junipero Serra DVD for $27.95
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Viewer Comments: Dear Bob and Penny:
I love your show!  You are so informed on all of the wonderful people, who have served Our Lord through the ages.  They all defended the Faith, and served with their lives for the love of Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary.  They  are truly God’s superheroes.
The pilgrimages that you have taken and have shown on your programs have inspired me to want to go on pilgrimages.  Someday, I would love to go to Mexico to visit Our Lady of Guadalupe.  I have seen copy of the tilma of Juan Diego, at a local church here in California.  It was truly beautiful.
Living in California, I have visited some of the California Missions.  I consider that a sort of pilgrimage as well.  I do hope they make Bl. Junipera Serra a Saint soon.  And thank you for clearing up the story that the Franciscan Friars did not force the Chumash Indians into Christianity. That was something I had heard about for so long.  I just did not want to believe that falsehood.
Anyway, thank you again for your wonderful programs, and keep up the great work.
God Bless you both,
C. K.                                                                                               CA

V127 - Blessed Junipero Serra

Apostle of California
Founder of the California Missions

Visit the California Missions, the legacy of Blessed Junipero Serra, apostle of California.

Walk through his early priesthood in Mallorca, Spain, to the missions of Mexico, and then to California.

See Mission Santa Barbara,
San Juan Capistrano
and Shrine at
Carmel Mission, his cell and tomb.

ISBN 1-58002-020-8 $19.95

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Special Offer
Journey to Sainthood Book plus
Blessed Frederic DVD for $27.95
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V135 - Blessed Frédéric

Apostle of Mary

Go to Trois Rivieres in Quebec, Canada, where Bl. Frédéric lived and is buried.

 See Cap du Madeleine, where a huge Miracle took place.
Find out about this Miracle. 
Learn about the history and traditions of this famous Canadian Marian Shrine.

Venerate Our Lady at this miraculous Shrine.

See the original church,
new Basilica,
Rosary bridge
and the outdoor
Way of the Cross.

ISBN 1-58002-028-3 $19.95

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Journey to Sainthood Book plus
St Dominic DVD for $27.95
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V183 - Saint Dominic
Founder of the Order of Preachers - The Dominicans
Watchdog for God

"I give you arms, with which throughout your life,
you may fight against the devil."

We trace the life of this Great Super Saint

Saint Dominic consecrated himself and dedicated his life to the salvation of souls.

St. Dominic was also given the gift of the Rosary by Our Lady when she appeared to him in France.

He has been credited with battling heresies throughout Europe.

See the places where he preached in France, as well as the cell where he died and his crypt in Bologna, Italy.


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Special Offer
Journey to Sainthood Book plus
St Paschal Baylon DVD for $27.95
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V158 Saint Pascal Baylon
Patron Saint of Eucharistic Congresses and 
Confraternities of the Blessed Sacrament

He was born in Spain, trace his life,
beginning as a shepherd,
to joining the community of St. Peter of Alcantara as a doorkeeper.

He waged a battle against the French Huguenots.

He died in Vallareal, Spain.

ISBN 1-58002-078-X  $19.95

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