Saint Michael the Archangel
Cave of Saint Michael
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The Cave of Saint Michael the Archangel - ItalySaint Michael the Archangel  Cave of Saint Michael

The Shrine of Saint Michael the Archangel in the Gargano was the first monument of the Archangel’s that we ever visited. We pray that Michael and his Shrine touch you in the same way they have touched us, as we have been called back, again and again. Come with us now, and experience the Kingdom, the Glory and the Power of God as shown to us through His Angels, especially the Prince of the Angels, our Michael.

Around the year 490, a lord of the Gargano was searching for one of his prize bulls. He almost gave up, judging the bull was helplessly lost, when he spotted him in a cave, kneeling. The cave was high above the lord, and hopelessly inaccessible. The bull would never be able to get out; so, as a gesture of mercy, the lord shot an arrow toward the bull to put the animal out of its misery. The arrow changed its course in mid-flight, like a boomerang, and struck the lord.

The lord went to the local bishop, declaring what had happened. The bishop immediately instituted three days of fasting and prayer to be done outside of the Cave, as he was not sure if it was a Heavenly inspired occurrence, or from the other place. While the bishop, his priests, and the lord were on the Gargano, praying at the mouth of the cave, Saint Michael the Archangel appeared to the bishop, and declared:

"I am the Archangel Michael, and am always in the presence of the Lord. This cave is sacred to me; it is of my choosing. There will be no more shedding of bull’s blood. Where the rocks open widely, the sins of man may be pardoned. That which is asked here in prayer will be granted. Therefore, go up the mountain and dedicate the grotto to Christian worship."

The bishop apparently was not convinced that the apparition was truly the Prince of the Heavenly Hosts, or he could not have hesitated in obeying the command. The bishop hesitated with "should I, shouldn’t I," for two years!

The nearby town of Siponto was being invaded by pagan hordes. It was certain that the town would be defeated. Gargano was right in the path of the invaders. If Siponto fell, it was pretty definite that Gargano would go, also. The bishop asked for a three day truce for prayer.


During this time, Saint Michael the Archangel appeared to the bishop, again. He promised, if the people would attack the enemy believing victory would be theirs, walking in faith, he, Michael, would lead them to victory. The townspeople advanced boldly. A sand storm assailed and whipped the enemy, blinding them; huge pellets of hale joined in, pummeling them relentlessly. Terrorized, they retreated from Siponto, leaving the area forever.

The bishop climbed up the mountain to the cave. He did not come down for a long time. He seemed to be agonizing. He did not enter the cave, but instead prayed outside, at the mouth of the cave . When he came down, the bishop still did not have a church built there, where the faithful could worship. We don’t know what caused the bishop to hesitate this second time.

There was an anguish that didn’t leave him, a gnawing inside of him, eating at him. The cave and the Archangel’s words were constantly on his mind. His spirit was being wrenched by a tug-of-war. He was being pulled in opposite directions. He knew he should be honoring the Angel’s request. In his heart, he knew it was truly Saint Michael who had appeared to him both times. But, in his head? Well, something or someone was holding him back.

The following year, as the anniversary of the apparition drew near, the bishop appealed to the Pope for guidance and direction. The Pope ordered the bishop to go to the cave, with other bishops and priests from the area, for three days of prayer and fasting. He was to ask the Lord for discernment, and the Angel for help. The bishop prayed outside the cave, at the mouth of the cave, again not inside. During this time, Michael appeared to the bishop, a third time. Saint Michael the Archangel ordered the bishop to enter the cave:

"It is not necessary that you dedicate this church that I myself have consecrated with my presence. Enter and under my assistance, raise prayer and celebrate the Sacrifice of the Mass. I will show you how I myself have consecrated that place."

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Scenes from the Cave of Saint Michael in Italy

Travel first to the Gargano, Italy,

where Saint Michael claimed a cave for the
Heavenly Army of Angels in the year 496.

Discover the history and tradition of this Pilgrimage site.

Scenes from Mont Saint Michel in France
Continue on to
Mont Saint Michel,
in Normandy,
France, where the Archangel claimed the mountain
for himself and the Heavenly Hosts.

Scenes from San Miquel Grotto in Mexico
Finally, go to
San Miguel Del Milagro in Mexico,
where Saint Michael gave us a
grotto with Miraculous waters

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the Mountain in France (Mont Saint Michel)
Bob and Penny Lord present the history of these two places where Saint Michael has appeared in this booklet.

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Viewer Comment: 
Dear Bob and Penny Lord,
Many years ago, I purchased your video on the Miracles of the Eucharist, which I enjoyed immensely.  After that video, I also purchased many other videos and books, all of which I have enjoyed immensely:  Saint Michael, Holy House of Loreto, and others.
I wanted to write to you and tell you what a difference your videos have made in my spiritual life.  The Eucharistic Miracles were not something I was even remotely familiar with before I witnessed them on your video.  Your video on Saint Michael in the Gargano region, prompted me (I am very much devoted to him) to visit that region with my husband and three children some five years ago.  The trip and the surrounding area were so breathtakingly beautiful and serene; it is definitely one place I would like to return.  I have never had the pleasure of being on one of your trips, maybe God willing, someday in the future I will be able to go on one of your pilgrimages.
Very truly yours in Christ,
A. C.                                                                  Freehold NJ

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