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Coupons and Discounts

Today only discount of 20% Code CHAT20

Discount of 5% for orders over $50 automatically built in at checkout

Plus an additional Discount of 5% for orders of 3 items automatically built in at checkout

Discount of 10% for orders of 7 items automatically built in at checkout

Discount of 15% for orders of 10 items automatically built in at checkout


1. First time customers type in First for orders over $50.00 - receive 15% discount

2. Coupon Code A12305  - $5.00 coupon - orders over $50.00

3. Coupon Code A12310 - $10.00 coupon - orders over $100.00

4. Coupon Code A12320 - $20.00 coupon - orders over $200.00

5. Coupon Code A12350 - $50.00 coupon - orders over $300.00

6. Coupon Code A12375 - $75.00 coupon - orders over $500.00

Redeem at checkout just enter the coupon code
one per customer - per order

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