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Catholic homeschooling
Lives of the Saints
Super Saints dvds and companions   

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Link  to the list of Super Saints and companion booklets

We need Role Models desperately today. 

These would be great teaching tool for your Home school, a terrific resource.


The Role Models the world gives us are people we would not invite into our homes, much less expect our children to emulate.   

In order for our Church and our world to survive, we must change the way our children grow up. 


We have to change the people they look up to.  Who do we have that our children can look up to?


Our politicians today are not very good role models.  By and large, our entertainers have no morals.


These Saints listed below are the needed role models for today's youth. 


Saints like Dominic Savio, a young boy whose motto was Death, but not sin!  Without Compromise!


St. Gaspar del Bufalo, a priest who stood up against the threats of Napoleon Bonaparte. 


When asked to sign a loyalty oath to Napoleon against the Pope, his reply was "I cannot!  I must not!  I will not!" 


Each Saint has a message for our youth of today!

The lives of the Saints are great ways to introduce role models to your students. 
Bob and Penny Lord have done an outstanding job of creating individual dvds and companion booklets for many of the most popular Saints and Blesseds.

These are perfect for all grade levels  Browse the list by clicking the link.

Consider teaching about the Saints for your Home school, a great resource opportunity.

Link  to the list of Super Saints and companion booklets

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Blogs are an excellent way to gather resources
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If you are looking for additional resources, I found a few that might make a great addition to your list. 



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Link  to the list of Super Saints and companion booklets

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