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Special Feast Days for January

January 4, 2008 - Elizabeth Ann Seton

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Journey to Sainthood Saints dvds


Elizabeth Ann Seton
Just Released $5.00

       Super Saints Trilogy Book I
             Journey to Sainthood
Saints who lived for Christ

Bl. Junipero Serra
His last ounce of blood shed for the Church, he loved and brought to the Native Americans, he died as he lived, praying for those he was leaving behind.

St. Frances (Mother) Cabrini Pope Leo XIII told her. "Your mission will be in America to help the Italians and make your country loved." Mother Cabrini said, "Yes!"

St. Paschal Baylon Proclaimed by Pope Leo XIII Patron of Eucharistic Congresses, he was never ordained a Priest.

St. Leopold Mandic Although he would be considered imperfect today (barely 4' 6") this Saint of Reconciliation brought about consolation and hope to thousands.

St. Dominic Watchdog of God - He fought the Albigensianist heresy - Our Lady gave him the Rosary with the mandate to spread it to all her children.

St. Angela Merici I want to become a Saint, because I love Jesus. She had visions of Heaven, of Jesus, as well as the devil. She battled the Protestant Revolt with education.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton A faithful daughter - a loving wife and mother - an obedient Nun - a lover of the Eucharist and Mother Mary - a role model for today

Bl. Frederic Thanks to him, Our Lady of the Cap Shrine became the meeting ground for every kind of physical and moral distress. The sick found healing; sinners were filled with remorse.

Code BJS               224 pages           Many Photos
ISBN 1-58002-132-8            $13.95


January 5 John Neumann

Saint John Neumann

Fourth Bishop of Philadelphia


Visit Philadelphia, the seat of Democracy, the first capital of our country, and the home of the Shrine of St. John Neumann.
Trace his life from Bavaria to America.  He is Patron of German Immigrants.
Visit the first Italian American church founded by this Saint in the last century.
Established over 80 parishes and schools in his diocese.  Founder of 40 Hours Devotion in America.  Patron of Catholic education.
Beatified by Pope Paul VI on October 13, 1963

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January 6
Brother Andre


Purchase the DVD on Blessed Brother Andre and
the book Visionaries, Mystics and Stigmatists for $23.95

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Blessed Brother Andre
Just Released $5.00


Blessed Brother André - DVD

Climb Mount Royal in Montreal, Québec to St. Joseph’s Oratory and discover how a humble little doorkeeper, named Brother André is the reason it is there.

Brother André is known as the Miracle Worker of Montreal, all through the intercession of St. Joseph. See the crutches left by the healed pilgrims from all over the world.

Special scenes from inside the Oratory depicting the life of St. Joseph and Brother André.


ISBN 0-926143-77-8      $19.95 Our prices explained

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January 24 Francis de Sales

Special Offer
Defenders of the Faith Book plus
St Francis de Sales DVD for $21.95
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St. Francis De Sales  Minibook
Just Released $5.00


Saints Francis de Sales
Jane Frances de Chantal

Taped in Annecy, France
Visit the shrines of
St. Francis de Sales and St. Jane Frances de Chantal, in Annecy, France, nestled deep in the French Alps.

Visit his chateau which is still inhabited by members of his family.  

Go to the majestic church of the Visitation, protecting the town, where both Saints are buried.

ISBN 1-58002-014-3  30 minutes

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January 24 Angela Merici









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Journey to Sainthood Book plus
St Angela Merici DVD for $27.95
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Saint Angela Merici

Foundress of Ursulines
Incorrupt Body - Visionary
Peacemaker - Consoler

"I want to become a Saint, because I love Jesus!"

Video taped in Italy

We trace the life of this Saint from:
Desenzano which has a shrine dedicated to her
Brescia, where she founded a school and which has her incorrupt body
and Rome.

She had visions of Angels ascending and descending from Heaven.
She fought Lutheranism by teaching the young about the Faith.

ISBN 1-58002-069-0 $19.95 Our prices explained

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January 28 Thomas Aquinas


DVD on the Life of
St.  Thomas Aquinas
The Angelic Doctor

We go to Italy and France and trace the life of this most brilliant Saint. 

This Angelic Doctor is most known for his writing the Summa Theologica and the "Tantum Ergo and Panis Angelicus."

Scenes from Aquino, his birthplace
and Paris where he taught
and Lyon France where his is buried.


DVD Regular Price $19.95
DVD on St. Thomas Aquinas $17.95


January 31 Don Bosco

Vision of St. Don Bosco


Special Offer
Saints and Other Powerful Men in the Church Book plus
St John Bosco DVD for $32.95
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Saint John Bosco dvd
"When you speak or preach, always insist on frequent Communion,
and devotion to the Blessed Virgin Ma

Taped on location in Italy

Pope Benedict XVI "Take courage! Fix your gaze on our saints."

The pied piper of Turin
God sent Don Bosco to protect the street children of Turin.
See the Oratory he founded, the chapel, the room where he died,
the church he founded in Rome.
See his visions depicted on paintings in his chapel.
We have several of his visions and prophecies in this tape
 Learn about his prophecies and dreams, and his prophecy for our times.

ISBN 1-58002-030-5 $19.95 Our prices explained

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At times, however, we are tempted to close in on ourselves, to doubt the strength of Christ’s radiance, to limit the horizon of hope. Take courage! Fix your gaze on our saints. The diversity of their experience of God’s presence prompts us to discover anew the breadth and depth of Christianity. Let your imaginations soar freely along the limitless expanse of the horizons of Christian discipleship. Sometimes we are looked upon as people who speak only of prohibitions. Nothing could be further from the truth! Authentic Christian discipleship is marked by a sense of wonder. We stand before the God we know and love as a friend, the vastness of his creation, and the beauty of our Christian faith."
Pope Benedict XVI - Speaking to the youth at St. Joseph's Seminary - Yonkers NY April 19. 2008

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Saints and Other Powerful Women in the Church
Saints and Other Powerful Men in the Church
Visionaries, Mystics and Stigmatists
Saints – Maligned Misunderstood and Mistreated
Martyrs They Died for Cbhrist
Super Saints Trilogy – Journey to Sainthood – Holy Innocence – Defenders of the Faith
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Sinners to Saints DVD Collection
D149 St. Augustine - D139 St. Margaret of Cortona – D188 Bl. Angela of Foligno
D303 Bl. Bartolo Longo and Our Lady of Pompei

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Holy Innocence DVD Collection
D147 St. Maria Goretti – D154 St. Aloysius Gonzaga – D156 St. Dominic Savio
D157 Bl Margaret of Castello – D159 St. Rose of Viterbo – St. Philomena
D164 St. Gabriel of the Sorrows

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