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Recently we have been releasing many booklets and dvds and we want to keep them posted on this page also. Click the share button to bookmark or load as a feed.

St. Vincent de Paul
40 Pages - Minibook
Just Released $5.00 - BK136

Saint Vincent de Paul

Lanciano Miracle available in Minibook  for $5.00 
includes Shipping and Handling


Just Released  Minibook
36 pages
Saints Augustine and Monica

$5.00 free shipping

Saint Augustine and his mother Saint Monica

Saint Catherine of Bologna

Saint Catherine of Genoa

Saint Martin de Porres
36 page Booklet
Just Released $5.00

Saint John Bosco Booklet

St Rose of Viterbo

Saint Rose of Viterbo


St. Stanilaus Kostka

Saint Maxmilian Kolbe Booklet

Blessed Dina Belanger
Just Released $5.00

Our Lady of Loreto Minibook
Just Released $5.00

Includes Shipping

Minibook Available $5.00
Includes Shipping

Saints of Sicily #D194

Santa Rosalia and Santa Lucia

Come with Bob and Penny to Sicily, to share in the lives of two powerful Saints of Sicily, Santa Rosalia, patron Saint of Palermo, and the famed Santa Lucia, patron Saint of eyes and Breasts, and also Patron Saint of Siracusa Sicily.

Go with Bob and Penny to the top of Monte Pellegrino, where St. Rosalia lived her final days, and where she appeared to a hunter and saved the city of Palermo from the Plague.

Come to Venice and Siracusa, where the story of the life of St. Lucy unfolds. Listen to Bob and Penny's eyewitness testimony about the day the body of St. Lucy was stolen from the Church in Venice, and then returned. The life of both Saints is fascinating. See the celebrations which take place each year in honor of the Saints.

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Saint Agatha
Saint Thomas Aquinas
Father Michael McGivney
Blessed Angela of Foligno
Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati
Man of the Beatitudes

Saint Gaspar del Bufalo

The Man of the Beatitudes

The Battle is on for souls! Families are waking up, taking notice of the world’s influences on their children’s lives and they are horrified! And rightly so! They’ve lost control. We get call after call commending us on our television programs on the Super Saints. And they are from Catholics and non-Catholics, lay people – like parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles; Religious, Nuns and Pastors – thanking us for bringing heroes their young people can use as role models. The cry is always the same! The false heroes they see on secular television are not the kind of people they want their young to emulate or grow up to become. And so, the Lord placed on our hearts – Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati!

Pier Giorgio’s work was not confined to mere political struggle and revolt. He was against violence, but was prepared to fight and die, if necessary, to defend Christ. He repeatedly wrote and advocated the following: "When all accept Christ’ voice and teaching, we will be able to say we are all equal, and every difference between human beings will be annulled.’

The Beatitudes have come alive.! 2000 years have passed since the Savior gave us this how-to-live in the world if we would grab onto the rope and scale the mountain of life to God’s goal for us – eternal life with Him in Heaven. His words, Verso l’alto, Upward!, ring forth over the continents and will live on touching all, helping all!

This story is ageless, and timeless, as those, Pier Giorgio, even now, is calling us to love - our neighbors, as Jesus loves them and us. Pier Giorgio will not be silenced. If you stop and listen, you can hear him even now.

Scenes from his home in Italy
the Shrines he visited
the place of his death
and from World Youth day.

Discover his beautiful quotes and writings.
 His motto - 
Verso l’alto "Always upward!"

We are excited to be bringing this dvd to you at this time.  We went to Italy on two occasions, visited the sites and gathered the information to edit this 30 minute program about Pier Giorgio, the Man of the Beatitudes.

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D188 Blessed Angela of Foligno  DVD
Just Released


Based on the Book, Saints Maligned, Misunderstood and Mistreated

A great Mystic of the Middle Ages.
We go to Foligno, Italy, near Assisi for the life of this great Franciscan mystic and contemplative.
Visit her Shrine,
and the places in Foligno and Assisi where she carried on her Ministry.
Visit her tomb.


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 Saint Agatha

Patron Saint of Catania

Purchase the DVD on the life of Saint Agatha taped in Catania, Sicily for $19.95

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DVD - Saint Agatha - New Release

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DVD on the Life of
Saint Thomas Aquinas
The Angelic Doctor

We go to Italy and France and trace the life of this most brilliant Saint.  This Angelic Doctor is most known for his writing the Summa Theologica and the "Tantum Ergo and Panis Angelicus."

Scenes from Aquino, his birthplace
and Paris where he taught
and Lyon France where his is buried.


DVD Regular Price $19.95
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D190 - Fr. Michael McGivney

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