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Special Feast Days for November

November 4 - Charles Borromeo

Saint Faustina

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Saint Charles Borromeo dvd

Hero of the Counter-Reformation

Created CCD in its original form

Scenes from his life begining in Arona, birthplace of St. Charles.
On to Pavia, where he attended the University,
then to Trent, where he worked on the Council of Trent,
to Rome and
to Milan where he was Archbishop. 
Visit the Cathedral in Milan where he is buried. 
See Stained-glass windows depicting the story of his life.
ISBN 1-58002-073-9  $19.95
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November 13 - Frances Cabrini

ST Anthony of Padua





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Saint Frances Cabrini

Mother Cabrini
Saint of the Immigrants
First Canonized American Saint

"We were sent here by the Holy Father... we cannot go back!"

This one hour dvd has been two years in the making

Scenes follow her life from Sant’ Angelo Lodigiano in northern Italy to her first community in Codogno,
to the first motherhouse in Rome;
then go to the United States where she labored among the Italian immigrants of the 19th Century.

We visit her Shrines in: Manhattan, NY;
Fort Tryon Park, NY;
Westpark, NY;
Cabrini College, Radnor, PA;
Cabrini Shrine, New Orleans, LA

One hour special
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November 17 - Elizabeth of Hungary

ST Anthony Padua

Saint Elizabeth of Hungary  
her life story

Patroness of Widows, Young girls & the Poor
A princess whose life was dedicated to Our Lord Jesus, Elizabeth married her childhood sweetheart, also considered a Saint, who died when she was very young.  She spent the rest of her life taking care of the sick and homeless in Germany.  She died at 24 years of age. With Pictures of scenes from her life.

This is the story of a precious child of God, who was born into royalty, yet never used or abused it.  It is the story of a great woman, a daughter, a wife, a widow, a benefactress of the poor, a glowing example of a soul endeavoring to love her Lord more purely, yet faithful to her calling as wife and mother.  As  the story of her life unfolds, you will see, in addition to the titles attributed to her above, we could add these below to the number: Patroness of bakers, beggars, charitable societies, charitable workers, countesses, parents who have lost children to death, the innocent who are falsely accused, homeless people, hospitals, those having problems with in-laws, nursing homes, people in exile, the faithful persecuted for their love of Mother Church, Sisters of Mercy, Tertiaries (Third Order), and on and on.  Quite a rich list for one whose life would be snuffed out at the young age of twenty-four!

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At times, however, we are tempted to close in on ourselves, to doubt the strength of Christ’s radiance, to limit the horizon of hope. Take courage! Fix your gaze on our saints. The diversity of their experience of God’s presence prompts us to discover anew the breadth and depth of Christianity. Let your imaginations soar freely along the limitless expanse of the horizons of Christian discipleship. Sometimes we are looked upon as people who speak only of prohibitions. Nothing could be further from the truth! Authentic Christian discipleship is marked by a sense of wonder. We stand before the God we know and love as a friend, the vastness of his creation, and the beauty of our Christian faith."
Pope Benedict XVI - Speaking to the youth at St. Joseph's Seminary - Yonkers NY April 19. 2008

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Holy Innocence DVD Collection
D147 St. Maria Goretti – D154 St. Aloysius Gonzaga – D156 St. Dominic Savio
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D164 St. Gabriel of the Sorrows

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