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Find anyone in the USA

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 People search service offered by will provide you with personal information about any person (including civil and crminal records if applicable). provides an industry leading cell phone lookup tool which can give you details behind virtually any phone number.

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What is a Comprehensive Background Check? provides an industry leading cell phone lookup tool which can give you details behind virtually any phone number.

People search service offered by will provide you with personal information about any person (including civil and crminal records if applicable).

Are you looking to find out about someone's past? You don't need to hire a PI, thanks to the power of the internet. The internet lets you do a totally legal background search on someone quickly, easily and affordably. The Comprehensive Background Report will uncover lawsuits, bankruptcy, arrests, time in jail, address history, relatives, property ownership and much more! Click Here!


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Find Information about People Fast and Discreetly

Human nature lends itself towards curiosity, and most of us would love to know where our old friends are. With the advent of the internet, you can now enjoy the fun of finding out what your old friends have been doing.

Or imagine standing at a crossroads in your life, as you prepare to exchange lifetime vows with your fiancce Hopefully you have already learned the secrets your significant other carries. However, what would it be like to get married - only to find out later that your spouse had hidden his devastating financial history? How shocking would it be to learn your spouse has children from a previous marriage that you knew nothing about?

Answer your questions with discrete, legal investigations

No one likes to snoop around in the lives of our loved ones, especially because we run the risk of getting caught.

However, there is a way to find out answers regarding other people's pasts without risking discovery. For example, Net Detective is an online database that allows you to discreetly search publicly available records - uncovering the secrets of your friends and family.

Friends, families, or foes - all the information you need is online

Having important financial or legal information in your hands may very well allow you to make a good decision, or prevent you from making a bad decision in both your personal and professional lives.

The importance of this information can be handed down to your children as well, since you will be able to stay better informed about your child's playmates, their families, and the neighborhood as a whole.

Search your own family history. Learn why your mother no longer talks to her sister, or track down long lost relatives. Find out who has had babies, who has died, who has gotten married or divorced.

Look up an old friend from high school, even if she has an unlisted phone number. Track down your old buddies from the military. Find that mysterious friend you made, but unfortunately lost track of while on sabbatical in Florida.

All of these searches can be done easily, from the privacy of your own home and without anyone else's knowledge. The best part is that it is completely legal.

If you have ever wanted to learn more about your family tree, track down your high school sweetheart, or find out if any of your old friends ever ended up in jail, Net Detective will give you the tools you need to find the answers for yourself. How you choose to proceed from there is entirely up to you. You may find yourself reunited with your college flame, or locate a long lost uncle. The possibilities are endless.

Try Net Detective today

"Net Detective is a great locater and data tool that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for the most recent and up to date information. Their low cost data solutions are ideal for professional investigators." -Marc M. Col, Ohio

"I was adopted as a child and after 18 years I regained contact with my lost biological father using Net Detective. I searched your database for him - after digging elsewhere and finding nothing - and was amazed to find that he lived just 15 minutes away from me. We've since been in contact and have met for lunch. I was so impressed with Net Detective that I eventually joined the company!" -Michael E. McKinney, TX

"I had always wondered what happened to one of my best friends from high school. I found nothing about him when I tried the online search engines, and he wasn't on any of the social networking websites. But when I tried finding him with Net Detective, he turned up immediately! I learned that he's married and living in Kansas. Net Detective made it really easy to answer those 'what ever happened to...?' questions." -Erica P. Apopka, FL

"I used Net Detective to do a background check on a prospective nanny and was able to verify that the information that she told me was fraudulent. I wonder what she had in store for me and my family." - Craig M Westlake Village

"Net Detective is a great business tool that our HR department utilizes regularly to perform background checks on our employees. We can now locate hard to find information in minutes that used to take hours. I don't know what we would do without it!" - Giovanni B Oak Park, CA



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