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Saints Augustine and Monica

Saints Augustine and his mother Monica
When Augustine was eight or nine years old, he became gravely ill, close to death. He asked to be baptized; but he soon recovered, and he set it aside. It was the accepted custom of the time, to wait until the threat of death before baptizing. They believed there were so many temptations for a child to succumb to, it would be better if he were an ignorant catechumen sinning, rather than a Baptized Christian whose sins would be more serious. Saint Augustine, in company with other Fathers of the Church of his time, would help to eradicate this error from the Church.

Saint Augustine and his mother Saint Monica minibook

DVD Regular $19.95  - $14.95

36 pages - $7.00
Saints Augustine and Monica


Saints and Other Powerful Men In the Church

Down through the ages, men and women have given their lives to carry out the command of Jesus.  Bob and Penny Lord have tracked the lives of 12 men who have said, Yes! to Jesus, and dedicated their lives to that Yes!, some at the cost of their lives.  Their biographies parallel the times of crisis in our Church.  Bob and Penny have set their sights on the man and the time in which he lived.

Book $17.95



Saint John Eudes

Saint John Eudes
Founder of the Congregation of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary

This DVD was taped in France

Founder of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary - Founder of Eudists

Come with Bob and Penny as they follow the fascinating life of St. John Eudes. 

We begin at Les Tourvaillers in southern Normandy, France, where the parents of our Saint went in petition to Our Lady of Recovery. 

We go to his home town Ri, and the Church where he was baptized, received First Holy Communion and spent his youth. 

Continue on to Paris, the Mother House of the Eudists, and Fr. Laurent Tournier, who explained Paris at the time of St. John. 

We go to Oratoire des Louvres, where he was ordained and celebrated his first Mass,  under the church of St. Sulpice,  where the Church was at the time of St. John,
Aubervillers, where he spent two years, Douvres-la-deliverande near Caen, where he started the Congregation of Jesus and Mary, and the Mission he began in the city of Caen, where he died.


Saint  John Eudes dvd $19.95
Discounted to $14.95


Saint Maxmiliam Kolbe
Martyr of Auschwitz

Saint Maxmilian Kolbe, or Raymond as he was called when baptized, was born into a divided Poland.

As had happened before and since, poor Poland, unfortunately located, had been a battleground, and the two powers, Russia and Austria, took what they wanted, leaving nothing for Poland itself. But to a Pole, it was and always would be Poland.

Like with most of their compatriots, life was hard for Father Kolbe's parents.

They worked hard and long hours. They never complained; instead, they considered hardships and hard work as a necessary road to eternal life.

As a young girl, his mother Maria pleaded with the Lord, she be allowed to become a religious.

When she became resigned, she couldn't enter a convent because she didn't have the necessary dowry, she prayed:

"O Lord, I do not want to impose my will on you if Your designs are different.

Give me, at least, a husband who does not curse, who does not drink, who does not go to the tavern to enjoy himself. This, O Lord, I ask you unconditionally."

God answered Maria's prayers and she married Jules Kolbe, a fervent Catholic, everything she had prayed for.

In addition, the father of Saint Maxmilian Kolbe was a leader in the Third Order Franciscans!


Saint  Maxmilian Kolbe dvd $19.95
Discounted to $14.95


Martyrs They Died for Christ Book


Saint  Maxmilian Kolbe dvd plus Book Martyrs - They Died for Christ
$19.95 + $16.95 = $36.90 Regular Price
Special offer Both for $24.95 27% discount


Saint Clare of Assisi

Saint Clare of Assisi minibook

Saint Clare was truly Saint Francis' partner in Christ.  She was the first female member of the Franciscan community.  She fought against the whole Franciscan community, including popes, to maintain the original Rule of Saint Francis.  After his death, she spent the rest of her life caring for her ladies.  She would not even die before her rule for the Poor Clares was approved by the Pope.

Clare is a role model for all women in headship, not exclusively of the Church, but especially of the Church.  She may very well have been placed on this earth to be a prototype for Superiors of Religious Communities, male andSaints and Other Powerful Women In the Church female, for centuries to come.  Clare could easily be the standard bearer for anyone who would lead a community of people, whether it be a Religious Community, as Superior, or a country, as President, Dictator, or King.  And her philosophy was not new, or complicated.  It was simple.   "Love one another as I have loved you."



Saint  Clare of Assisi dvd plus Book Saints and Other Powerful Women in the Church
$19.95 + $16.95 = $36.90 Regular Price
Special offer Both for $24.95 27% discount

Saint Edith Stein
Teresa Benedicta of the Cross
Martyr of Auschwitz

Saint Edith Stein Martyr of Auschwitz

Saint Edith Stein was born in Poland on October 12, 1891.  Her parent were Jewish.  She was a brilliant student.  When she turned seventeen, she entered a Girl's High School in Breslau.  At the same time, in another part of Germany, another teenager - Adolph Hitler was failing an entrance exam to the Academy of Arts and already blaming it all on the Jews.  Two teenagers - one a Saint and the other damned to Hell for all eternity.saint edith stein dvd

            God placed her (Edith) among Jewish intellectuals who had become Christians. 

 Although she considered herself an atheist, she found herself seeking truth, and she later wrote that anyone seeking truth is in reality longing to find God, whether he knows it or not. 

            Meanwhile, Hitler in 1919 was writing, in his first manifesto: Because of the crimes the Jews had committed, they were to be removed from their midst.  [On Martyrs They Died for Christ BookJanuary 20, 1942, in Berlin there was a conference attended by high ranking officials of the Third Reich.  It was decided 11,000,000 Jews were to be exterminated.]

Saint Edith Stein dvd plus Book Martyrs - They Died for Christ
$19.95 + $16.95 = $36.90 Regular Price
Special offer Both for $28.95 22% discount

saint edith stein minibook


Saint Edith Stein Minibook





Saint Dominic
Watchdog for God

Saint Dominic - Watchdog for God minibookAt 25 years old, Saint Dominic realized his walk was not as a secular priest but as a religious.

At that time, Saint Dominic's bishop ,Martin Bazan, voiced a desire to bring about reform; he wanted the canons of his cathedral to live a shared life as religious, as part of a community.

He and the new prior of the canons, Don Diego de Asevedo, had heard of Dominic's piety and wisdom, and his desire to be a religious.

Their hope was that he could convince these self-absorbed, strong-willed clerics into coming together and join the Canons Regular; they summoned Dominic!

So after he was ordained a priest, Saint Dominic was vested in the habit of the Canons Regular of Osma, made his profession to that Order, and for the next nine years faithfully followed the Rule of Saint Augustine. One of his companions said of him, at this time,

"Now it was that he began to appear among his brethren like a bright burning torch, the first in holiness, the last in humility, spreading about him an odor of life which gave life, and a perfume like the sweetness of summer days.

Journey to Sainthood Super Saints book 1Day and night he was in the church praying without ceasing. God gave him the Grace to weep for sinners and for the afflicted; he bore their sorrows in an inner sanctuary of compassion which pressed on his heart, flowed out and escaped in tears.

It was his custom to spend his nights in prayer and to speak to God behind closed doors." Dominic consecrated himself, dedicating his life to the salvation of souls for Christ.

He was happy! He thought this was where God had placed him, but that was to come to an end, when Don Diego, now Bishop of Osma, chose him to accompany him on a mission to Denmark, which would be the first leg of a long journey of suffering, pain and torment.

Saint  Dominic dvd plus Book Journey to Sainthood
$19.95 + $13.95 = $33.90 Regular Price
Special offer Both for $24.95 27% discount

Saint Dominic - Life Story - Beautiful
BK183 Minibook
$7.00 free shipping

Saint Dominic - Watchdog for God minibook

download ebook


Saint Alphonsus Ligouri
Saint Alphonsus Ligouri minibookHis father had him trained to become a lawyer. Saint Malligned Misunderstood and Mistreated book

By the time he was sixteen years old, he was so proficient in his studies, he received a degree of Doctor of Laws.

And this came about in spite of the fact that the required age to receive such a degree was no younger than twenty years of age.

When he received his degree, his stature was so small, the robes of his new profession dragged on the floor, dwarfing him, to the delight of all in attendance.


Saint  Alphonsus Ligouri dvd plus Minibook
$19.95 + $7.00 = $26.95 Regular Price
Special offer Both for $20.95



Saint John Vianney
 Cure of Ars - Patron Saint of Parish PriestSaints and Other Powerful Men In the Churchs

Saint John Vianney minibookSaint John Mary Vianney was a humble priest, hidden away in a small remote village, too small to appear on most maps of France.  This priest, like the mustard seed, could not be hidden in obscurity; the gifts of the Holy Spirit he received were to bring thousands and thousands to him.  It is no wonder he comes from that section where over a century later, the Charismatic Renewal of France began.  The Holy Spirit goes where He wills, when He wills.

Saint  John Vianney dvd plus Minibook
$19.95 + $7.00 = $26.95 Regular Price
Special offer Both for $20.95



Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Saint Ignatius of Loyola minibook

Taped in Spain, Paris and Italy
Go to
Loyola, Spain at the foot of the Pyrenees, where he was born.  Originally, a soldier, he threw down his sword to serve the Lord and his Lady. 
Defenders of the Faith Super Saints book 3

Defenders of the Faith Book plus DVD Regular Price
$13.95 plus $19.95 = $33.90
Special Price $24.95 = 26% Discount



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Saint John Bosco - founder of the Salesians - Pied Piper of TurinSaint Dominic Savio - patron of youthSaints and Other Powerful Men In the ChurchHoly Innocence  Super Saints book 2 Young Saints

Saint Don Bosco - dvd - 19.95
Saint Dominic Savio dvd - 19.95
Saints & Other Powerful Men in the Church - book - 17.95
Holy Innocence - book - 13.95
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