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Saint Anne and Joaquim
Grandparents are the story tellers!  As G
randma Anne related to her grandchild Jesus the stories of their people, the Jews, did her heart tremble as she realized that this shoot of Jesse's tree would someday die for the salvation of the world? Jesus loved His Mother; it only stands to reason that Jesus, perfect Son, was also perfect Grandson and being Love itself loved His Grandmother.

Saint Anne and Joaquim dvd plus Minibook
$19.95 + $7.00 = $26.95 Regular Price
Special offer Both for $20.95


Saint Ignatius of Loyola

Saint Ignatius of Loyola minibook

Taped in Spain, Paris and Italy
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Loyola, Spain at the foot of the Pyrenees, where he was born.  Originally, a soldier, he threw down his sword to serve the Lord and his Lady. 
Defenders of the Faith Super Saints book 3

Defenders of the Faith Book plus DVD Regular Price
$13.95 plus $19.95 = $33.90
Special Price $24.95 = 26% Discount



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Orders over $75.00 will receive a free copy of Bob and Penny Lord's Biography, "Journey and the Dream" -  Autographed by Bob if you wish.
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Saint John Bosco - founder of the Salesians - Pied Piper of TurinSaint Dominic Savio - patron of youthSaints and Other Powerful Men In the ChurchHoly Innocence  Super Saints book 2 Young Saints

Saint Don Bosco - dvd - 19.95
Saint Dominic Savio dvd - 19.95
Saints & Other Powerful Men in the Church - book - 17.95
Holy Innocence - book - 13.95
Total Value = $71.80
Grab the bundle  Today Only = $39.95 - 45% discount

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Prophecies that are happening today!

Saint Francis Assisi


ISBN 1-58002-136-0  $17.95 25% off $13.95
 Many Photos    320 pages




      Roman Catholic Saints

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