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Our Lady of Banneux - The Many Faces of Mary

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Our Lady of Banneux, 1933:

Believe in Me

I will Believe in You!


Watch the video below - Bob and Penny Lord explain the dire message to us now from this Apparition


EPILOG ON BEAURAING AND BANNEUXThe Shrine of Our Lady of Banneux, Belgium

Our Lord Jesus and our Sweet Mother Mary are always teaching us.  We felt we had come up with a connection between the apparitions by Our Lady at Beauraing in December 1932, and Banneux in January 1933. There had to be a connection. Nothing like this had ever happened before.

We assumed it had to do with the onslaught of World War II. This dear little country, Belgium would soon be under the Iron Fist of the Third Reich, as, indeed, would be the entire continent of Europe.

Belgium, however, was in a direct line from Germany to France. The Germans would need easy access to the French border, and

Belgium provided the way.The Shrine of Our Lady of Banneux, Belgium


In Beauraing, the main message given to the young girl, Fernande, was DO YOU LOVE MY SON? THEN SACRIFICE YOURSELF FOR ME.At first, everyone believed this statement was an afterthought, just for the girl. Then, after all the persecution the children had to endure in defense of the apparitions, the belief was that Our Lady was trying to give them strength.

In Banneux, the overpowering message was BELIEVE IN ME, I WILL BELIEVE IN YOU. There was, and is, much speculation as to what she meant in that statement. We’ve suggested many possibilities, any or all of which may be correct.

At first, it was assumed that these were two distinct messages, completely independent of each other. But with the holocaust of World War II, many believed that Our Lady was trying to prepare Europe, the whole world, for that matter, for the dark days to come.

There was not much to hold onto, or believe in, for the victims of Europe. We believe she was trying to build strength, in them in anticipation for that time.


Together they form one powerful teaching. Prepare yourselves for days of darkness. You will have much to endure. But know that I am always with you. Believe that you are beloved of God. If you can love yourself, I can love you. With the strength of that love, all things are possible. We can change the world.

Our Lady was most definitely coming to the aid of her children of 1932/33, preparing them for the worst, which was to come. But were those combined messages just for that time? Read them. Try to understand what she was saying. Do they apply today as much, or even more so than in 1932? Why do women abort their children by the millions? Why do young people, people of all ages, for that matter, abuse their bodies with drugs and alcohol to the point of death? Why do young people, and all people, commit suicide in staggering proportions today? Why are we, as a civilization, hellbent on torturing and killing our brothers and sisters? Why are we, as a world, determined to destroy ourselves?




Twelve days after Our Lady of Beauraing the Lady with the Golden Heart said "Goodbye" to five children in Beauraing, Belgium, she made her presence felt again in Banneux, Belgium, some fifty miles to the northeast, to Mariette Beco, known as Our Lady of Banneux. our lady of banneux

At 11 years old, the eldest of seven children, she was not intelligent, yet she was not stupid. 

She did very badly in Catechism Class. She had stopped going for First Holy Communion instructions.

She was a product of her environment, which was, in a word, hopeless.  Her father was an unemployed wiremaker.  He had no use for God or the Church.  He was born a Catholic, but that was a long time ago.  He hadn't been near a church for years. 

 Julian Beco couldn't care less that his eldest daughter had given up her religious training.  His attitude infected the household.  There was nothing in the house of a religious nature.  His wife, Louise, followed his lead.  God had no place in their home.

The winter of 1933 had turned extremely bitter.  The eerie sounds of the wind wailing through the trees, bending the branches in a contest of strength, created a deafening din inside the  house.  Drafts blew through the open cracks under the doors and in the window frames.  The flames in the fireplace flickered wildly, as they battled the cold winds blowing down the chimney.  It was dark, around 7 in the evening, on this freezing night.  Mariette sat by the front window of her house, looking into the black of night for some sign of her brother Julien, who was late returning home.  As she opened the curtain to look out, she saw a Lady standing in their front yard, surrounded by a bright light.  The Lady was short, about five feet tall, and exceptionally beautiful.  Our Lady of Banneux was not dressed like any of the ladies from the village.  She wore a long white gown with a blue sash.  One of her feet could be seen.  She was barefoot, with just a gold rose in between her toes.  In this kind of weather, she should be freezing.  Mariette noticed that she stood just above the ground, sort of on a cloud.  She didn't seem to be cold at all.

Now Mariette had a very logical mind, even at age 11.  The scene she saw before her eyes didn't make sense.  It was probably the reflection of the oil lamp.  She took the oil lamp from the table, and put it in another room.  Then she went back to the window and looked out.  The Lady was still there.  She resorted to the next natural course of action - she called her mother.  Mariette explained what she was looking at.  Louise Beco responded in a natural way also.  "Rubbish", she said.

Mariette was persistent .  She described Our  Lady of Banneux.  Her mother replied jokingly, "Perhaps it's the Blessed Virgin."

The child insisted her mother come over to the window and see for herself.  Feeling very foolish, Louise went over to the window and looked out.  She saw a white shape, but she couldn't make out any figures.

"It's a witch." she said, and let the curtain fall, blocking the image from Mariette's eyes.  The child opened the curtain again.

"She's beautiful, Mama.  She's smiling at me."  The mother ignored her eldest daughter.

The child noticed that the Our Lady of Banneux had a Rosary, hanging from the blue sash.  The cross was the same color of gold as the rose between her toes.  Mariette went to a drawer, and rummaged through, looking for a Rosary she had found outside on the road.  When she found it, she began to pray.  The Lady's lips moved, but she didn't say anything that Mariette could hear.  After a few decades, the Lady raised her hand, and motioned with her finger for Mariette to come outside.  The young girl asked permission to leave the house.

"Lock the door." Her mother replied.

By the time Mariette returned to the window, the Lady had disappeared.  She kept going back to the window to see if the beautiful Lady had returned, but she had not.  Pretty soon, her brother Julien came home.  She told him what had happened while she was waiting for him at the window.  His reaction was similar to that of his mother's, only a little more vocal. 

His comments ranged from "You're a fool" to "You're crazy".  

Monday, January 16, Mariette told a girl friend at school what had happened.  The girl told her she had to tell the priest.  Mariette was afraid, but with the encouragement of her friend, the two of them went to the priest's office.  Mariette backed out at the last minute, and ran off.  The friend told the priest, Fr. Louis Jamin, what Mariette had said.  The priest was sure Mariette was influenced by the recent reported apparitions in Beauraing, and paid no attention to it.  He cautioned the friend, however, not to tell anyone about Mariette's reported apparition. 

For the next two days, Monday and Tuesday, the Our Lady of Banneux did not return.  However, that one visit had a deep effect on Mariette's spirituality.  She returned to her Catechism class on Wednesday, embracing the material with a renewed enthusiasm.  She knew her lesson perfectly.  This amazed Fr. Jamin, because Mariette had always been the worst student in the class.  After class, Father asked her why she had run away on Monday without telling him what she had seen.  By this time, the child had reflected on what had happened.  She was not frightened anymore.  She spoke very calmly, telling the priest exactly what she had seen.  He, for his part, did not treat her as a child, or belittle what she claimed.   He only told her to pray to Our Lady for guidance.


Our Lady of Banneux DVD
Our Lady of Banneux DVD

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Lourdes, 1858 - Affirms dogma of Immaculate Conception.
Pontmain, 1871 - Mary appears and ends war in Europe.
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