Our Lady of Ocotlan, Tlaxcala Mexico

Our Lady of Ocotlan - The Many Faces of Mary

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OUR LADY OF OCOTLANShrine of Our Lady of Ocotlan, Mexico

Just ten short years after our Lady appeared to Juan Diego on Tepayac Hill she came to another Indian - Juan Diego Bernardino (no relation to Juan Diego) in Tlaxcala.  The Indians of Tlaxcala had been a fierce tribe.  They had never been defeated.  And yet, these same Indians were the first to befriend Cortes and the first to accept Our Lord Jesus and His Church in the New World.  They were the first Christians!

In the beginning of 1641, a devastating plague (believed to be Small Pox) attacked the Indians of Tlaxcala.  Nine out of every ten died.  There was not a family left untouched by this disease that spread like a fire out of control.  The Indians turned to their medicine men.  They were helpless!  They had never seen anything like it.  The Indians plunged their fever-ravaged bodies into a river they believed contained curative properties. 

On June 24, 1641, we find Juan Diego Bernardino, jug in hand, journeying to the river to retrieve some water to bring back to his family who had also been struck down.  Having filled his jug with his last hope (he thought), he set out across the hills to his family.  As he made his way through the ocote (pine) trees in the forest, he found himself suddenly blocked by the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.  She looked like a queen!  What would someone of her importance be doing here before him, a humble peasant.  She gently addressed him with these words: "May God save you."  And then she asked him:  "Where are you going?"  Can you picture yourself in the presence of Mother Mary?  And we have a 2000 year tradition of Our Mother!  We have read of Our Lady's coming to her children in Mexico, Italy, France, Spain and on and on.  Therefore, it would be easier for us to accept a heavenly Lady appearing.  But these dear simple believers knew very little about Our Lady.  There were very few known apparitions of Our Lady in the world of the 16th century.  It is true, Our Lady had appeared to another Juan Diego just ten years before, in a far off state.  But communication being what it was at that time, I wonder if this Juan Diego Bernardino even knew who the Mother of God was and what she looked like.  It's true he worked for the Franciscan brothers, but you have to remember he was going for help to a helpless stream; how solid was his knowledge of God and His Mother?

When, at last, he summoned the courage to speak, he weakly replied: "I am taking some water from the river to my family who are dying from the plague."

I can just see the huge black eyes of this Indian open even wider, gleaming, as Our Lady waved to him to follow her with these words: "Then follow me.  I will give you water to cure the disease.  It will not only cure your family but all who drink it.  My heart is always ready to help those who are ill, for I cannot bear to see their suffering and pain."

Although he had never seen a body of water of any kind in the forest of the ocote, he followed, skipping lightly, confidant that the Lady would be true to her word.  As they approached the edge of a cliff, he looked down, to where the Beautiful Lady was pointing.  To his amazement, in the ravine below, was a spring of gushing fresh water.  She told him to take as much as he needed, and "know that those who are touched by the tiniest drop will receive not only relief from their pain but will be restored to perfect health."  A little water and a lot of faith. 

Juan Diego Bernardino emptied his jug of water from the river and refilled it with the blessed water.  He bowed to the Lady and begged his leave.  She stopped him once more.  She wanted him to bring a message to the Franciscans at the church of Saint Laurence: "Tell the religious that in this place they will find a statue of me.  It will not only manifest my perfections but through this image I will bestow many favors and compassion.  When they find it they are to bring it and place it in the the church of Saint Lawrence"  This humble, gentle Indian, like another Indian named Juan Diego, was to be sent on a mission to speak to his superiors!  After all, he worked for the Franciscans.

The beautiful Lady's words resounding in his ears and heart, Juan set out, with a spring to his walk, to bring the miraculous water to his family.  He gave the water to his family and they were immediately cured.  The moment they were healed, Juan and his family went out to all the villagers sharing the Good News of their miraculous healing.  Juan shared the water with all the afflicted.  As they drank the tiny drop of water Juan sparingly gave them, they too were instantly healed.  The Good News spread quickly from all corners of this town to the neighboring towns.  Juan would repeat the story of the Lady and the spring over and over again. 


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Our Lady of Ocotlan

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Our Lady gave Juan Bernardino a Miraculous Spring of Healing water in Tlaxcala, Mexico in 1541.

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Miraculous Image of Our Lady found deep inside the heart of a pine tree, which refused to burn.

Pray in the beautiful church built in honor of Our Lady and this apparition.  Many beautiful scenes of Shrine and area.

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Dear Bob and Penny:

I never have expressed my love for people who go out of their way to bring Our Lord and His most holy Mother to so many people.
Bob and Penny, you both outdid the book on, “The Many Faces of Mary, Book II.”  I started to read this book on Saturday, October 18 and finished it on Wednesday, October 22.  I just did not put it down.  The more I read, the more I fell in love with Mary, the Mother of God.  In reading about Our Lady of Loreto, I remembered I had read that the Holy House of Loreto where Mary and Joseph raised the infant Jesus, was the very house in which Mary herself was raised.  Her parents Anna and Joachim had given the house to Mary.
M. A.                                                                    Port Clinton, OH



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Our first book on Our Lady, The Many Faces of Mary, Book I, a love story, has been a best seller since we first published it in 1987. There is such a hunger to hear of Mary and how She helps us in miraculous ways, how She helps to mold and change history.

In this new book, The Many Faces of Mary, Book II, the love story continues...,we have an urgency to bring you Her most powerful messages. In this century, She has given us prophecies of things which have come about, as well as warnings about things that may happen in the future. She tells us that through prayer and the Rosary, the tide can turn on calamity. Justice and Peace can triumph. All of Her messages come down to that one command She gave us in Holy Scripture, "Do whatever He tells you!"

Come with us on this journey; join Mother Mary and us as we walk hand-in-hand with Her in Her apparitions, at Her shrines, Go to Jesus through Mary. the love story continues.....

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Reader comments: Dear Bob and Penny:
I just purchased the book, “The Many Faces of Mary, a love story.” I can’t begin to tell you how much I love this book. I checked it out at the library and I had to order my own copy.  I want to read it over and over again. I want to keep it for my family and friends to read.
I found out about the book on our awesome Catholic station, EWTN.  I’m hooked on this television network.
I consider you and all the wonderful people on EWTN my teachers.  Since the Passion of the Christ movie I am yearning to learn as much as I can.
I will buy all your books.  They are such good and easy readings.  My relationship with our Blessed Mother is so much closer than ever before because of your book.
May God Bless you always and keep up the good work. 
Thanks for being two of my teachers.
C. B.                                                                         Longmont, CO


The Many Faces of Mary Book I
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One of the ways our Lady has shown her love for us has been through her visits to our planet, in the form of Apparitions.  Read how every one of of her apparitions was for a specific purpose, not for an individual, but for a nation, and sometimes the world.
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Track Mother Mary's Apparitions from the 16th century.
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Mary’s back, and She’s stronger than ever
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Guadalupe, 1531 - Mary saves America from annihilation.
Paris, 1830 - Mary gives us the Miraculous Medal.
La Salette, 1846 - Our Lady never ceased weeping.
Lourdes, 1858 - Affirms dogma of Immaculate Conception.
Pontmain, 1871 - Mary appears and ends war in Europe.
Knock, 1879 - Her message more crucial now than ever.
Fatima, 1917 - Mary prophesies World Wars.
Beauraing, 1932 - Mary prepares us for WWII.
Banneux, 1933 - She said
"Whole nations will be annihilated."
And so much more.

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Mary began Her walk to the Cross at the Annunciation
True meaning of Holy Week - Pope John Paul II
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"Suddenly, a Heavenly Army of  Angels was with the Angel, singing praises to God: Glory to God in the highest Heaven, and peace on Earth to men of good will." Luke 1:13-14

Bob and Penny Lord's book focuses on the great Army we have been given, the Heavenly Army of Angels, to give us strength and confidence that we are not alone, because of this exalted assembly of the Heavenly Hosts.  Their years of researching Shrines, have proven to be great assets in bringing you the Heavenly Army of Angels in the Old and New Testament, and in the history of our Church.

"Put on the armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the Devil. For our wrestling is not against flesh and blood, but against the Principalities and the Powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness on high." (Eph 6:11-12)

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The Guardian Angels
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