The Polish Martyrs

We interviewed a Polish man; he said, "I had a home. The Nazis came and burned down my home.
I built another home. The Soviets came and burned down my home. I built another home."

This is an example of the Poles we met on our trip to Poland, in search of heroes past and present.
We knew we would get to better know our Pope visiting the people he loved and the Shrines he most cherished,
but we never expected to fall so in love with a people. They say that we get the priest we deserve.
Well, we can see why the Lord sent this Pope to serve among these brave and holy stubborn people.
This is the land of Martyrs. No wonder the Pope loves the people of Mexico; they could be cousins of his
native brothers and sisters of Poland - lands of Martyrs - land of Mary, with two sister images of Mary
 Czestochowa and Loreto. Discover the treasury of faithfulness we found among the martyrs of Poland and Lithuania.


Martyrs of Poland
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Saint Edith Stein

Saint Maxmilian Kolbe

Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko

Pope John Paul II Dry Martyr

11 Nuns of Nowogrodek

Lithuania Land of Martyrs

Our Lady of Siuliai

5 Years in Siberia

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Taped in Poland

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Martyrs, They Died for Christ

Martyrs They Died for Christ


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**Classic **V65 - Saint Teresa Benedicta of the Cross
Edith Stein - Martyr of Auschwitz

A convert from Judaism, who died not only for her Jewish brothers and sisters, but for her executioners, saying if she did not pray for them who would. Her conversion came about through the writings of St. Teresa of Avila.

Visit Auschwitz and witness the horror of Hitler’s systematic annihilation of the helpless in this Nazi death camp. Stand at the spot where the little white cottage stood where Edith and her sister, along with other innocent victims were gassed to death.
See the inside of the prison camp at Auschwitz in detail.

ISBN 0-926143-49-2      $19.95

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St. Maxmilian Kolbe  DVD for $26.95



**Classic ** V64 - St. Maxmilian Kolbe
Martyr of Auschwitz

Winner - 1995 International Catholic Film Festival

Visit the city of the Immaculata. Trace his life and find out why he would have been canonized even if he had not been martyred.

Go to his room and look out the window upon the statue of the Blessed Mother, he looked to for strength as he saw the gestapo coming to take him to a Death Camp.

He gave up his life for another, with the words,"I want to take this man’s place. I am a Catholic Priest." I want to take this man’s place. I am a Catholic Priest."

Go to Auschwitz & the cell block where he died at the hands of the Nazis.

Viewers Comments: Dear Bob and Penny:
I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your recent video which I saw today about the life of St. Maximilian Kolbe. I was so touched and saddened by his great act of faith and love for others in the concentration camp at Auschwitz, not to mention his life in general.
Your presentation of his life was very beautiful and gave honor to God and the Blessed Mother. I just wanted you to know that it deepens my faith and love for God and the Blessed Mother. Your work is an act of love for those who do not know the stories of these Martyrs. His life will always be an inspiration for me and my walk as a Catholic.
Thanks again,  D. M. e-mail

ISBN 0-926143-48-4    $19.95

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V63 - Fr. Jerzy Popieluszko
Martyr of Communism

One of the truly great modern heroes of Poland of the Communist era, a prophet, a man who gave up his life for his brothers, and whose execution brought about the downfall of Communism in Poland.

Fr. Jerzy was born on the Feast of the Triumph of the Cross. He would prove to be a super strong catalyst in bringing about the Triumph of the Cross in Poland, six years after his Martyrdom.

See special scenes from his ministry and his funeral; meet his parents and the Lady he loved in Czestochowa.

At his last Mass he said,
"We must fight evil by doing good."

ISBN 0-926143-47-6     $19.95

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V66 - Pope John Paul II
a Dry Martyr

Follow the life of Pope John Paul II, visiting his birthplace at Wadowice, where he lived, the Church he visited and prayed before the Lady of Perpetual Help before going to school, each day.

See the factory where he worked, studying underground for the priesthood. Visit the Church in Krakow where he said his first Mass.

Go to Kalvaria, his special Shrine, where he would climb the mountain saying the Rosary at each of the chapels.

Then go on to Rome and his life as our Sweet Christ on Earth.

Walk, cry & rejoice as you witness our gift from Jesus and Mary.

ISBN 0-926143-50-6      $19.95

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V67 - Eleven Nuns of Nowogrodek

A poignant love story of 11 Nuns of the Holy Family of Nazareth, whose only crime was they were Nuns and were willing to die for the Faith. Visit the place of their brutal massacre by the Nazis.

Travel to Nowogrodek in Byelorussia, to their grave, their original Church & Shrine.

When they first came and were rejected in Nowogrodek, the Bishop said, "Through you little Flock, Christ will act and radiate until you enter the glory of the Father...."The town will accept you and it will be proud that it possesses you."

Visit the Holy Family Nuns in Krakow.

ISBN 0-926143-51-4     $19.95

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Land of Martyrs
Our Lady of Siuliai
Our Lady of the Gate of Dawn
Hill of Crosses
Hill of Three Crosses

Like the Poles, the people of Lithuania have a holy stubborness, especially when it comes to their Faith!

A persecuted people always under attack, they turned to their God Who listened to them and answered their prayers; they placed crosses on this hill.

During the occupation of two monsters the Nazis and the Soviets, the faithful put up these crosses, and after the enemy took them down, they put them up again, at the risk of their lives!

Go with us to the beautiful Shrine of Our Lady of Siuliai. We tell the story about this Shrine.

We visit the
Gate of Dawn Chapel,  and tell the story of this beautiful chapel plus
we tell the story about the
Hill of Three Crosses
and how the Communists destroyed these Crosses and how the people of Lithuania rebuilt them.

ISBN 0-926143-64-6      $19.95
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V80 - 5 Years in Siberia Interview
with Archbishop of Kaunas, Lithuania

Bob and Penny travelled to Lithuania to bring you a true "alter Christus" an Archbishop who shares his testimony of 9 years as a prisoner in the concentration camps of Siberia because he was a priest.

Listen to how he shares taking what little bread and grape rations he had and saying Mass at the risk of being killed

Listen as our priest tells of the atrocities he suffered and the difficulties of being a priest and tending his sheep in the prison camp.

 An important video, for this shepherd speaks to his fellow bishops and priests around the world.

ISBN 1-58002-000-3     $19.95

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Miracles of the Cross Book
 plus Hill of Crosses DVD for $26.95

Miracle of the Hill of Crosses

Come to Lithuania, to a hill where Crosses have miraculously appeared over a period of centuries of enslavement and harsh treatment at the hands of foreign dictators.

Witness the apparition of Our Lady at the hill. This is a tribute as well, to a brave people who were undaunted in the face of the enemy.  

Learn of the Miracle of the Cross on a hill high above the capital city of Vilnius, which would not go away.

ISBN 1-58002-142-5    $19.95

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